You Can Expect a Highly Qualified Expert Is Leading Your Course

With over 100 highly qualified instructors on our team, we recruit for specialized skills and knowledge in specific education fields. Recruitment, hiring, and training of our instructors involves a multitier process we take seriously to ensure quality in the classroom. All instructors hold advanced degrees in education and meet credential requirements for university academic approval. As well as credentials, our instructors are chosen based on knowledge, skills, and disposition. All instructors are provided on-board training and are under continual review and evaluation to ensure our high standard in-class quality is met.
Whether courses are taken on site or online a knowledgeable, enthusiastic expert will be leading the way. The TCL learning experience centers on engaging participants in interactive activities and that means a hands-on instructor is key. Our instructors give educators an especially valuable experience that forges the link between the latest in educational research and the power of peer interaction.
Our qualified instructors are part what sets TCL courses apart. Your course will be more engaging and the outcome will be more rewarding! Meet a few of our instructors below...

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Dr. Rita Guzman

Dr. Rita Guzman has 13 years of teaching experience in a variety of settings. Dr. Guzman has been teaching with TCL for over 2 years. Dr. Guzman holds two master's degrees in Educational Leadership and Differentiated Instruction, and has recently completed her doctorate in Educational Administration. Dr. Guzman continually receives raves from students on her enthusiasm and her ability to engage, energize, and motivate teachers. 



Dr. Amber Bechard

Favorite Educational Quote “Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.”    William Butler Yeats

Teaching Tip I find that modeling pedagogy while exploring content is essential in education courses. When at all possible, I engage graduate students and teachers in professional development experiences in hands-on activities, utilizing sound instructional methods, social interaction, and real-life applications.


Joy L. Westendorf

Favorite Graduate Teaching Moments Receiving feedback from my students on how a particular course has positively impacted them as well as their colleagues.

Teaching Tip Involve yourself in all aspects of your school building and community. Communicate and collaborate with parents and colleagues. Focus everyday on treating every student as if they were your own child. 



Patrick Raleigh

Favorite Quote “Learning from our mistakes and holding on to our memories help us become deeper individuals with a better sense of who we are and how we choose to live our lives.” ― Ron Clark

Best Part of Teaching Adult Learners The best part of teaching adult learners is the amount of information that gets exchanged between students. I love the collaborative environment that is built into TCL classes. That collaboration is the best part of teaching adults. 


Rae Cloyd

Best Part of Teaching Adult Learners When a teacher shares something that ignites their students’ learning with their colleagues, there is an inspiring transformation. Their passion for teaching children takes over, and it is contagious. Moments such as these push teachers to step outside of their comfort zone, take risks, and try a new approach. As an instructor or presenter, I also grow professionally as I learn from my adult students. That is the best part of my job! 


Sadie West

Best Part of Teaching Adult Learners I enjoy teaching graduate-level learners because they are truly eager to learn best practice. I also love the diversity of specialties within my grad students, from general education and special education teachers to art, music and PE teachers, speech and occupational therapists, to social workers and psychologists. All of these backgrounds/specialties grouped together in one course greatly support the learning and sharing of knowledge taking place throughout the course.


Connie Pesce

Favorite Graduate Teaching Moment When a student wrote, “I never thought I would experience this much personalization in an online course!”

Teaching Tip Keep a journal on your class. After each class session, jot down any questions, comments, and concerns that were generated by the assignment. Use this information to inform future lesson planning. 


Sarah Steinmetz

Best Part of Teaching Adult Learners I love the honesty and experiences that adult learners bring. Most of the time, the instructor learns from the students.

Favorite Educational Quote “Upon the subject of education, I can only say that I view it as the most important subject which we as people can be engaged in."  Abe Lincoln