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The Differentiated Classroom: Creating Pathways for All Learners to Succeed

Graduate-Level Credit / Non-Credit Hours
3 Semester Credits or 45 Clock Hours

Course Description

This course is designed to help educators build a classroom structure where differentiated instruction can occur on a daily basis for varying abilities.  Through the use of videos, readings, personal reflection, and online forum questions, participants will experience differentiated instruction as well as learn methods to implement strategies in their own classroom.  Participants will learn to shape and maintain learning conditions that facilitate differentiated instruction, including how to identify learning styles, create tiered activities, differentiation strategies, effective classroom management, and design the physical space for classroom differentiation scenarios.  Participants will leave the course with resources and strategies to reach students of varying abilities, grades, and learning styles and help them take ownership of their education.   

Global Goals of the Course

  1. To examine current research in the area of best practice of differentiating instruction (NBPTS 3,4)
  2. To develop an understanding of the need for effective differentiating strategies in today’s classroom (NBPTS 1,3,4)
  3. To analyze current differentiated instructional practices in order create engaged practices to better support student learning (NBPTS 1,3,4)
  4. To explore possible applications of differentiated instruction models in the classroom (NBPTS 1,2,3,4)
  5. To synthesize best practice differentiated instruction research and classroom applications (NBPTS 2,3,4)


By Kelsey Carqueville
Reviewed 1 year ago
Shelly did an amazing job! She made sure it was relevant to our subject area.

By Judith Friesenhahn
Reviewed 2 years ago
I so loved your class. I was so excited by the range of topics that I managed to get myself off task digging through old materials and records. Your class gave me a new perspective on all of the work and resources I had from years ago. I am now reinvigorated and happily sharing everything from the class with my fellow teachers. I hope to take one of your classes in the future. I have recommended your class to my Instructional Coach for district in-service consideration.

By Kevin Bollman
Reviewed 1 year ago
Shelly Fisher is awesome! She responds to email questions quickly.

By Walter Alvarenga
Reviewed 6 months ago
Steve Novak is a wonderful facilitator for professional educators to discuss important topics and share their experiences and knowledge. I have gained a lot in a short period of time.

By Katelynn Giordano
Reviewed 5 months ago
The instructor was knowledgeable, feedback was timely, and this course will make me a better educator.

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