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Lanna Gawel

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Lanna grew up in Connecticut, but she and her husband now reside in Michigan. Between them they have five children and four grandchildren, with another on the way!  A love of summer and taking long walks on the beautiful Lake Michigan shores make her happy. She does her best to keep active with things like running, kayaking and bicycling.   

Lanna attended Western Michigan University, and has a Master’s degree in Special Education. She is currently teaching teenage students with autism, in a separate special needs school. She loves teaching and looks forward to her job every day!  In her classroom they use many teaching strategies such as; Discrete Trials, Pivotal Response Techniques and Positive Behavior Supports.  In Michigan, children with special needs may attend school until they are 26 years old. She loves being a part of The Connecting Link and bringing her passion of education to others such as herself.

This course is designed to give educators at all levels (K–12) an overview of research related to harassment, bullying and cyberbullying. Influences within and outside of the school will be explored. Educators will develop effective tools for the identification and prevention of bullying behaviors. Interventions, including home/school connections, will be presented to address opportunities for change, which can positively influence student achievement.  
Course #: GMW19012
Dates: 03/11/19 - 05/05/19

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