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Sarah has been a special education teacher working with adjudicated youth for 15 years. Her desire to meet challenges of working with a students with a variety of ability levels sent her back into the classroom to complete a Master of Arts in Special Education Degree, concentrating on Learning Disabilities. Sarah considers herself a life-long learner thus continued her education with courses through various continuing education forums for teachers. She fell in love with The Connecting Link Site-Based programs! She found the fast-paced, current and practical application of knowledge was prefect for the ever-changing world of education. She liked the course work so much that she signed on to teach with TCL 3 years ago.

In her free time, Sarah loves to stay active and travel. She believes that new experiences are a great learning tool! She shares those new experiences with her two children, Eliza and Grady, and husband, who has also been in the teaching field for 15 years. As hard as it is to keep up on her love of reading between teaching & chasing sporty kids around, she finds a good read is food for the soul.

Sarah’s favorite part of being a TCL instructor is working along the side of teachers, helping them create meaningful material for their classrooms, problem-solve, and develop their craft.

This course is designed to provide teachers with research-based, proactive practices, and habits of mind for transformative classroom leadership. Strategies for creating a high-functioning learning community can promote skills that are critical for success both in and outside the classroom. The following attributes of a transformative classroom will be explored: clarity of purpose, self-responsibility, relationships among students, and an increasing level of function over time (based on Schindler’s model of Transformative Classroom Management). Grounded with an inner purpose, key attitudes, and strategies, teachers will learn how to discern the underlying effective teacher-student interactions, so they can recognize how to proactively prevent misbehaviors and intervene effectively when misbehaviors occur. Self-assessment and reflection are built into the activities, projects, and discussions so that teachers can examine their dispositions and efficacy as educators.
Course #: MIS19000
Dates: 06/24/19 - 06/28/19
Location: Midland, MI

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