The Connecting Link is excited to offer the following approved courses for Washington State clock hours through NEWESD 101. Browse and enroll in your chosen course and select “NEWESD 101 Clock Hours” under the Credit Type drop-down menu. 

Upon completion of the course TCL will submit your certificate to NEWESD 101 who will then contact you for clock hour payment and processing. If you have any questions please use our live chat box for assistance. We hope you enjoy the knowledge and collaborative value we work hard to offer you!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is providing clock hours?

    NEWESD 101 and OESD 114

  • Are they approved to do so through OSPI?


  • Who can take these courses for clock hours?

    Any teacher in Washington State in any district or ESD

  • How do I get proper documentation for my clock hours?

    Once complete, we will send a completion certificate to ESD and they will contact you for the clock hour fee and process your paperwork

  • How many clock hours do I get from your courses?

    45 clock hours

  • What is the cost?

    $245 for the course plus $3 per clock hour paid to the ESD

  • Are any of the courses approved to satisfy the 15-hour STEM requirement?


    - Integrating STEAM into your curriculum

  • Are any of the courses approved to satisfy the 15-hour TPEP requirement?


    - Destination Differentiation: Meeting the Needs of 

    - 21st-century Learners

    - Building an Engaging Collaborative Classroom

    - Mindfulness in the 21st-century Classroom

  • Can I take a different course from your catalogue for clock hours?

    Not currently but we will seek ESD approval if you wish to take one

  • Where can I find more info about WA clock hours?
  • Where can I find more info about ESD clock hour provider information?
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