June is National Safety Month: 5 Resources for a Safe Summer

Image Credit: https://www.safekids.org/blog/top-5-summer-safety-tips

National Safety Month gives us the opportunity to reflect on how to keep our environment safe and free from danger. Before the final bell rings, consider addressing some important safety topics to help set your students up for a safe and enjoyable summer break. We’ve provided five helpful resources below to get you started.

From bug safety and playgrounds to bicycling and boating, this resource by the National Safety Council (NSC) provides a menu of summer safety tips for students of all ages and interests.

Be Sun Smart! The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) designed this free lesson that teaches students ages 9-13 years about why plants, animals, and humans need the sun. The lesson also covers effective ways we can protect ourselves from harmful ultraviolet rays. Lesson materials include instructor materials, student handouts, posters, and coloring pages.

Water Safety with Colin & Friends is an evidence-based kids water safety program aimed to “encourage a safer culture around water for kids and their families to prevent downing.” This program includes several interactive and engaging lessons. Some examples include the importance of learning how to swim, wearing a life jacket, and following open water safety rules.

From routine yard work to celebrating the 4th of July with fireworks, this article includes five safety tips for older students and adults to consider for a safe and enjoyable summer.

Image Credit: https://www.mhskids.org/blog/national-safety-month-5-summer-safety-tips-students-families/

Finally, from swimming and biking safety to first aid and staying hydrated, Kids Health in the Classroom provides a number of engaging, ready-to-use lesson plans focused on summer safety. Lesson plans include engaging handouts, worksheets, and quizzes designed for students in kindergarten-2nd grades, 3rd-5th grades, 6th-8th grades, and high school.


*Bonus Activity*
Get the conversation about summer safety started with this read aloud – And Then Comes Summer by Tom Brenner.


Have a safe and enjoyable summer, educators!

Jill Rockwell
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