PLU now offering Graduate Level Course Credit


Faithful patrons,

We’ve just forged an auspicious partnership with Pacific Lutheran University (PLU) out of Tacoma, WA. PLU offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in Education since 1890, and has agreed to offer graduate-level continuing education credits for our best curriculum and instructors, which they are voraciously vetting as we speak.

They are thrilled to work with us in offering transcripts for all three course formats - self-paced, structured online and site-based. Online courses are immediately available, and we will be scheduling site-based courses across Washington state beginning in Summer 2020.

We’re in the process of screening the brightest instructors around the state to make a great impression for these initial offerings. We promise to keep you apprised of the schedule. Here’s to a great year!

Browse initial offerings on the PLU Partner Page

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