Meeting the Professional Learning & Career Needs of PreK-16 Educators        




For Over Three Decades, The Connecting Link (TCL) Has Been
 Dedicated to Providing Quality Learning Experiences for Educators Across the Nation 


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How The Connecting Link Started and Where We Are Today

Founded in 1981 by educators for educators, The Connecting Link (TCL) offers engaging and relevant courses designed to meet the professional learning needs of educators and their school districts. 
Our mission is to help educators enhance the teaching practice to positively impact student learning. We provide strategies and tools that professionals need to be successful among ever-changing challenges and opportunities in education. Our courses are developed in accordance with multiple sets of national standards and contain current educational research. They are designed at the graduate level and are suitably presented with adult learning principles in mind.
TCL courses may be taken for graduate credit through our partnerships with accredited institutions of higher learning. Participants completing courses for credit will receive university transcripts. Courses approved by these institutions may be eligible toward advanced degree program options. TCL courses may also be taken as a noncredit option to earn clock hours only. Certificates of completion documenting course hours will be provided.
Whether in the classroom or online, TCL's high-quality learning opportunities help school professionals work with a community of peers to forge durable links between the latest research and daily practice. 

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What Sets Our Courses and Instructors Apart

Each course is developed in accordance with national standards, adult learning principles, and current educational research. We are continually developing relevant curricula that applies to the 21st century classroom. Courses are delivered on site on weeknights and weekends during the school year, and during the daytime over the summer. Online courses can be completed in a variety of schedules through an easy-to-use online interface, which includes dynamic instructor and peer interactions. 
With over 100 highly qualified instructors on our team, we recruit for specialized skills and knowledge in specific education fields. Whether courses are taken on site or online, a knowledgeable and enthusiastic expert will be leading the way. The TCL learning experience centers on engaging participants in interactive activities and that means a professional and vibrant instructor is key. Our instructors give educators an especially valuable experience that forges the link between the latest in educational research, the power of peer interaction, and real results in the classroom. Our qualified instructors are part of what distinguishes TCL courses.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to continually expand to provide high-quality, graduate-level curricula to help teachers respond to the challenges and opportunities facing educators today. We also strive to keep the enthusiasm of our profession alive by offering relevant, engaging, energizing, and cutting-edge courses that apply directly to improving the teaching practice and enhancing student achievement.

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What the TCL Logo Represents

In the positive color blocks you see five books in perspective coming together in a circle to symbolize connectivity in education. In the negative white space, the books come together to create a star to symbolize the achievement of excellence in our product. The five books represent our dedication to quality in: 
  1. Curricula
  2. Instruction
  3. Application
  4. Customer Support
  5. Results

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