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The Connecting Link Announces Partnership with Andrews University


The Connecting Link is pleased to announce that we have entered into a partnership agreement with Andrews University to provide graduate-level credits in continuing education for teachers.

Founded in 1874, Andrews University is a private university located in the southwest corner of Michigan, offering students more than 200 undergraduate and graduate degrees. With a student...

Teacher Appreciation Year


My brother has four kids, they are all between nine and thirteen, and I think he's going crazy having them home every day. He loves them of course, and gratitude for all the extra time together is given often, but he and his wife both manage businesses and balance home life. Staying on top of four pre-teens and their remote learning isn't something they expected. There are six...

Thank You, Educators!


Although educators like you deserve to be honored and celebrated every single day of the year, the first week of May is designated as Teacher Appreciation Week. Here at TCL, we recognize and appreciate the many roles you play in the lives of students and want to express our gratitude. 

The 2019/20 school year is one we will never forget. So much has changed in our world over the...

Multiculturalism in Education


At fifteen I accepted an exchange program for the duration of my sophomore high school year to a city outside Osaka, Japan. It was tough going but I still feel the positive effects of such a radical perspective change. Least importantly I felt tall, which hadn’t happened before and hasn’t since. I had light skin and blonde hair in a sea of Asian pigments which gave me marginal...

PLU now offering Graduate Level Course Credit


Faithful patrons,

We’ve just forged an auspicious partnership with Pacific Lutheran University (PLU) out of Tacoma, WA. PLU offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in Education since 1890, and has agreed to offer graduate-level continuing education credits for...

The names on our stockings - HAPPY HOLIDAYS!


Hello teachers,

Despite having lived 38 years I still have some immaturities to work through. There are a handful of things that I just can't seem to get over, like reality television. In a similar vein I find it pretty odd that we send birthday and ho...

The Connecting Link Announces Partnership with Seattle Pacific University


Seattle Pacific University’s Center for Professional Education announces today that they have entered a partnership arrangement with a nationally recognized professional development provider, The Connecting Link. Both entities share similar values and goals including a commitment to enhancing lifelong learning.

The Connecting Link was founded in 1981 with the mission of offering...