Who are we?


Who are we?

Our fundamental commitments

As a group, our team believes more in action than words. It's easy to tell everyone how great you are, but you must deliver.


Our brand emphasizes Product, Instruction, and Support.

Product: We discuss, design, write and revise four to six courses each year. We focus on curriculum quality and relevance, addressing industry trends and gaps. Our courses are written to graduate-level standards, approved by our partners, and then adapted for additional non-credit offerings.

Each course is offered on a teacher-friendly schedule in three formats, presenting unique benefits.

Instruction: Our instructors are well-qualified with a Master's degree or higher and a minimum of five years of classroom experience. They are accomplished in the field and actively engage with participants. 

Support: Our entire team can respond to your queries and assist you with questions or concerns. We enjoy what we do and work hard to ensure you have the best learning experience possible. 


These are the building blocks that construct our model; please tell us if we ever fall short; transparent feedback always promotes improvement.

Thank you for your interest in TCL!