Who are we?


Who are we?

Our fundamental commitments

As a group our team believes more in action than words. It's easy to tell everyone how great you are, and in advertising everyone does, but you gotta deliver. We would rather prove it than swear by it. However, for any new clients we concede this once to disclose our intentions.


Our brand emphasizes, in order: Product, Delivery and Support.

Product: each year we discuss, outline, design, write, revise and perpetually improve four to six courses, focusing on curriculum quality and relevance. We aim to address industry trends and gaps. Our courses are written to graduate-level standards, approved as such by our partners, and then adapted for additional non-credit offerings.

Each course is offered on a teacher-friendly schedule in three formats, respectively presenting unique benefits.

All of us are proud to put forth exceptional curriculum and feedback is overwhelmingly found to support its authenticity.

Delivery: premium content is wasted without impassioned presentation and seamless process. Our instructors are well-qualified with a Master's degree or better and with abundant classroom practice. They are experienced and engaged in their subjects. They listen and talk to you. Our software team is top notch, keeping the tech humming so you aren't forced to distraction.

Support: our general manager, registrar, superintendent, academic coordinator, course writers, instructors and the entire support crew respond to your queries and emails and answer the phones to ensure live, local and immediate assistance for concerns small or large. Clients are real and important humans and we insist on treating you like one.


These are the building blocks that construct our model and we expect to impress upon and earn your loyalty. Please tell us if ever we fall short; transparent feedback always promotes improvement.

Thank you for your interest in our brand!