TCL Group Registration: Collaborate and Save


Are you part of a dedicated group of teachers eager to learn together? Start a group and rally friends and colleagues to share ideas, develop a localized plan, & earn credits.  It's a Win - Win - Win!

👩‍🏫👨‍🏫 Group Benefits: ✅ Save Big 💰 ✅ Collaborate & Learn Together 🤝 ✅ Tailored Support 🎯

Join forces with your fellow educators and embark on a learning journey that's not only rewarding but budget-friendly. Together, we'll empower your group to thrive in the classroom.

Start your class within 60 days of the group closing date and wrap it up in 12 weeks or less from your first log-on. For multiple courses, each subsequent one should start within 30 days of finishing the previous one. All courses must be initiated within 365 days of purchase.


Creating and filling your group:

• Log in to your TCL account or register: Here
• From your dashboard, click the Groups button, then Create Group from the following page
• Enter a unique group name, then under format, choose Online Self-paced
• Invite friends and colleagues (you have the option to invite more later)
• All group members can purchase multiple Self-Paced courses, qualifying for the discount achieved

Each member of the group can select their own course for a self-paced group. Please note that the group must be closed before anyone will be able to enter their course. By default, the group will close 30 days after creation.

You will be reminded to purchase and register for your self-paced course(s), requiring a 50% deposit, the balance to be collected when the group closes, and the discount tier is calculated.




Discount Scale - Graduate Credit Only


Minimum Group of Five

Discount = $80 each

Group of Six

Discount = $83 each

Group of Seven

Discount = $86 each

Group of Eight

Discount = $89 each

Group of Nine

Discount = $92 each

Group of Ten

Discount = $95 each

Group of Eleven

Discount = $98 each

Group of Twelve or More

Discount = $100 each



Contact us if you would like to create a group for noncredit courses. 888-550-5465 or