What is The Connecting Link?

We are an educational training company founded by educators in 1981. Our mission is to provide high-quality, graduate-level professional development courses designed to help you respond to current challenges in education. Taught according to adult learning principles and grounded in current educational research, most courses are highly experiential and interactive, allowing each educator a hands-on, practical approach to learning.

Who are the instructors of our courses?

Our instructors are educators with master's or doctorate degrees and are accomplished in their field. Instructors are carefully screened by TCL and the university partner and are regularly evaluated by participants. For more information about our instructors, please visit

What are the hours of class?

  • Online Self-Paced: Participants will have up to 60 days to begin the course. Once you begin, you have up to 12 weeks to complete the course. Your final grade will be posted when you complete all the course requirements.
  • Interactive with Zoom: Participants are required to log in weekly and attend the Zoom Meetings. Interactive w/Zoom courses are designed to cover at least 45 hours of content. The lessons are paced throughout a 4-week period to guide the learning process. Some courses may be offered at an accelerated pace or extend beyond 4 weeks (to accommodate holidays); however, the same course objectives and content requirements will be met.

How are online courses offered?

All online courses are delivered 100% online, offer flexibility with 24-hour access, and have a user-friendly interface. Courses feature activities such as online lectures, discussion forum participation, and assignments.

  • Interactive with Zoom: These online courses provide a learning experience within a highly interactive environment where participants learn from the teacher, the course materials, and one another. Direct interaction with the instructor and other participants in the course is expected. Participants are required to log in weekly. The lessons are paced throughout a 4-week to provide guidance through the learning process. Some courses may be offered at an accelerated pace or extend beyond 4 weeks (to accommodate holidays); however, the same course objectives and content requirements will be met. 
  • Online Self-Paced: These instructor-facilitated online courses allow participants to work at their own pace throughout a 12-week time frame. Direct interaction with the instructor is expected. Participants will also benefit from access to peer collaboration and up-to-date resources and materials. Courses may be started as soon as the purchase is complete.

How many credits does each course offer?

TCL offers graduate credit and noncredit course options. You can select from 1-semester credit, 3-semester credits, 15 or 45 clock hours.

For graduate-credit courses, official transcripts can be ordered through the university partner after grades are processed. Upon completion of noncredit courses, a letter of completion will be available for viewing/printing in your student portal.

Always check with your district, state, and/or academic advisor prior to enrolling to determine if TCL course content, formats, credits, or hours are suitable for your intended purpose.

When will I receive my grade?

Instructors have up to three weeks to submit your final grade. A grade notification email will be sent to you once your grade is posted in your student account. To view processing times for the university partner, please visit

Are there additional fees?

Unless otherwise noted, there are no additional costs for course materials. All course materials will be available in the online course.

Official university transcripts for courses completed for graduate credit may be requested from our academic partners for a nominal fee.

What if the course I signed up for is canceled or changed?

TCL makes every effort to run all classes as scheduled. Occasionally, a class will not have sufficient enrollment to run. Your registration counts! Please register early. If a class is canceled, we will notify you approximately 2 weeks prior to the first day of class. Please note that some circumstances may prevent us from providing 2 weeks’ notice. Since TCL holds satellite courses, the dates, facilities, and/or instructors are subject to change. We will notify you of any such changes; however, we recommend that you also visit our website to verify the course information prior to the first day of class.

Can these courses be transferred into a degree program?

Please check with your academic advisor to determine if TCL courses are eligible for inclusion or transfer into their program.

Course accessibility?

Online courses are accessible from inside North America (including Canada and Puerto Rico) as well as established military facilities throughout the world. If you are outside of these regions, please contact customer service at 888-550-5465 prior to enrolling. Participants should always check with their academic advisor, district, and/or state for approval before enrolling to determine how graduate credits or professional development hours may be applied.

What if I have special needs?

In compliance with ADA guidelines, participants with a temporary or permanent condition that might affect their ability to perform in class are encouraged to inform The Connecting Link when registering. Adaptation of teaching methods, course materials, or testing may be made as needed to provide equitable participation.

What if I need proof of payment for reimbursement?

A receipt will be sent via email for every course purchase. You can also download a copy through the Student Portal or email TCL to request one at

Will I receive a Form 1098-T?

The Connecting Link does not receive funding from the Department of Education's student aid programs. For this reason, we do not meet the reporting requirements to complete Form 1098-T. You can view/print a copy of your receipt in your student account, which participants may be able to report as an expense on their tax forms. Our tax ID number is 82-3740060.

Adams State University will provide a 1098-T form for tuition that is directly paid to the university.

Andrews University is providing the option to receive Form 1098-T. To receive the form, the university will need your social security number. Please complete the W-9S form included in your registration packet. You may fax or mail the completed form directly to the university. 

Dominican University, Central Michigan University, or Pacific Lutheran University cannot provide 1098-T forms for TCL courses as tuition was paid to TCL.