Certificate Renewal for Arizona Teachers


Certificate Renewal for Arizona Teachers

Renewable certificates may be renewed with proof of 15 clock hours of professional development activities for each year of the certificate term. *One semester hour of college coursework is equivalent to 15 clock hours of professional development activities. The clock hours or semester hours may be completed in various increments per year.

Professional development must relate to Arizona academic or professional educator standards or apply toward the attainment of an additional Arizona certificate, endorsement or approved area, and may include training regarding suicide awareness and prevention; child abuse, human trafficking of children, and the sexual abuse of children, including warning signs that a child may be a victim of child abuse, human trafficking, or sexual abuses; screening, intervention, accommodation, use of technology and advocacy for students with reading impairments, including dyslexia; college or career readiness; or other training programs explicitly permitted by state law.

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[content updated July 2021]