Great value - bundled graduate courses


Great value - bundled graduate courses

Maximize Your Savings on Self-Paced Graduate Courses!

How it works:

  • Pick three or more self-paced 3-graduate credit courses that interest you.
    • (Accumulate 15 graduate credits for a potential lane change)
  • Enjoy a discount of $85 on each for 3-4 courses and a $90 discount on each for 5 or more.
  • Enter the promo code at checkout to secure the best pricing.
    • BUNDLE3 (3 Semester Credits per course/Minimum 9 Semester Credits).
    • BUNDLE5 (3 Semester Credits per course/Minimum 15 Semester Credits).
  • You get a 60-day window to commence your initial class; start each subsequent course within 30 days of finishing the previous one.
  • Complete each course in 12 weeks or less.


BUILD YOUR OWN! Bundle 3 Courses: Create your customized bundle of 3 or more courses based on your preferences.

BUILD YOUR OWN! Bundle 5 Courses: Create your customized bundle of 5 or more courses based on your preferences.

GO DIGITAL! Bundle: Feeling challenged to keep pace with the digital age? Dive into technology and revamp your lesson plans. Master the use of the latest and most effective applications available. We've compiled a list of 5 courses to help!

EMBRACE DIVERSITY! Bundle: In a rapidly evolving world, staying updated with constant changes can be challenging. Explore both the macro- and micro-aspects of diversity, acquire skills to create an inclusive classroom environment, and emerge as a cultural leader within your school. We've compiled a list of 5 courses to help!

FIND YOUR CENTER! Bundle: If you're sensing the grind and reaching a tipping point, discover the power of mindfulness for your own well-being and apply it to benefit your students. Explore alternative disciplinary approaches, delve into innovative teaching strategies, and reignite your passion for education. We've compiled a list of 5 courses to help!



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