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Participants will explore useful techniques to create more effective technology lessons, software packages, web resources, graphing calculators, and instructional materials used to integrate technology into algebra instruction.  Course topics include technology use with number operations, ratios and proportions, functions, systems of equations, graphing, data analysis, and probabilities. Participants will develop lesson plans, activities, quizzes, and tests on each topic that adheres to local, state and national standards; evaluate instructional technologies for use in the classroom; and developing a technology project for students to complete. The course is aligned with NCTM standards and ISTE standards which promote the principle that students must learn mathematics with understanding and teachers must help students see the importance and relevance of mathematics in everyday life. This course is intended for experienced 6-12 educators seeking ways to expand their teaching expertise by applying increased technology skills as a means to greater and improved student learning.
Technology can be used to empower students and create a 21st century learning environment where mathematics can be presented in exciting and engaging ways. This course is designed for mathematics educators and possibly district mathematics curriculum directors interested in integrating technology into mathematics instruction in order to maximize student achievement. Participants will examine software packages and tools, Web resources, and other instructional materials used to integrate technology into mathematics instruction. Participants will learn how to evaluate instructional technologies for use in the classroom to meet the needs of diverse learners and how to create truly meaningful learning experiences that enhance the development of mathematical concepts. Additionally, the management and assessment of online learning environments and the Flipped Class model will be discussed.
This course is designed to provide teachers with relevant teaching strategies to make teaching and learning mathematics effective. By the time students reach high school, many have been unsuccessful in learning math or find math to be tedious. Learning math can be effective when students can connect mathematics to their experiences. Students can be given the tools for discovering and constructing knowledge and for deriving meaning for themselves. In turn, they can develop life-long skills and transform into successful, confident problem-solvers. In this course, teachers will learn methods and skills to facilitate this development process. This curriculum is designed to address current math standards, particularly the emerging Common Core State Standards and will include the incorporation of technology in the mathematics classroom.