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Co-Teaching for Success in the Classroom - #IMW23005

Graduate-Level Credit / Non-Credit Hours
3 Semester Credits or 45 Clock Hours

Course Description

This course provides participants with a solid framework for planning, implementing and maintaining successful co-teaching relationships that improve the learning instruction of all students.  Participants will reflect on the definition of co-teaching, components of the co-teaching relationship, examine a variety of co-teaching models and how they support student learning, and evaluate their current co-teaching programs.  Participants will leave the course knowing several co-teaching practices between general and special education teachers, as well as, between two general education teachers in the same classroom, and how to effectively work as a co-teaching partner to create opportunities for success for all learners.

Global Goals of the Course

  1. To examine current research in the area of best practice of co-teaching instruction (NBPTS 3,4)
  2. To develop an understanding of the need for effective co-teaching relationships in today’s classroom (NBPTS 1,3,4)
  3. To analyze current co-teaching instructional practices in order to create engaged practices to better support student learning (NBPTS 1,3,4)
  4. To explore possible applications of co-teaching models in the classroom (NBPTS 1,2,3,4)
  5. To synthesize best practice co-teaching research and classroom applications (NBPTS 2,3,4)


By Elizabeth Strom
Reviewed 7 months ago
Patrick was a great instructor who gave valuable feedback!

By Tobey Elvers
Reviewed 1 year ago
Very well organized and provided a variety of instructional tools to help us learn.

By Kevin Diete
Reviewed 1 year ago
It's always great to learn from other teachers and receive feedback from teachers regarding what works well for them in an effort to provide best practices for the students we teach.

By Caroline Gheorghiu
Reviewed 1 year ago
Mary Wolf was wonderful!

By Michelle Kuehnle
Reviewed 1 year ago
Raleigh really took the time to leave personal comments to my responses.

By Tracie Ghrist
Reviewed 2 years ago
Shelly Fisher was a responsive instructor. She gave good feedback and even participated in the chats.

By Julie Hanebuth
Reviewed 1 year ago
Mr. Novak graded everything in a timely manner and was always available to answer questions. The class taught me a lot on the subject and how to apply what I learned immediately into my school day.

By Amanda Waterkotte
Reviewed 1 year ago
He was very professional and would give feedback right away.

By Michael Rumpf Jr
Reviewed 9 months ago
Steve is an amazing instructor. I get more out of his courses than courses I have taken from other programs. I like that he treats his students like adults as he facilitates instruction.

By Catherine Zaworski
Reviewed 1 year ago
I thought this course was rich with content to use in my curriculumn.

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04/03/23 - 04/30/23
Apr 03 - 30, 2023
Zoom Meetings will be on Tuesdays (Apr 04, 11, 18, 25, 2023 ) from 5:00pm – 6:30pm Central Time.