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Cultivating Curiosity and Creativity in the Classroom - #SPC18168

Graduate-Level Credit / Non-Credit Hours
3 Semester Credits or 45 Clock Hours

Course Description

Participants in this course will examine methodologies to facilitate the growth of curiosity and creativity in their students.  Participants will learn how developing a classroom culture of curiosity and creativity can foster engaged and effective learning.  Research suggests that increasing curiosity and creativity in a classroom can lead to a more student-centered classroom.  Techniques to develop curiosity and creativity that leads to student engagement and achievement will be researched and explored.  Foundational work in this course will include the research on developing creativity and curiosity strategies from simple to complex, lesson planning, and using project-based learning to enhance the classroom. Participants will synthesize these paradigms and leave the course with a better understanding of how to assess and develop creative and curious thought in their students, improve classroom culture through use of innovative strategies, develop an expertise in their own classroom to foster a creative environment, and foster the growth of curious learners to solve problems creatively.

Global Goals of the Course

  1. To examine current research in the area of best practice to develop curious and creative thinking students (NBPTS 3,4)
  2. To develop an understanding of the need for effective teaching strategies to develop creative and curious students in today’s classroom (NBPTS 1,3,4)
  3. To analyze current creative/curious instructional practices in order to create engaged practices to better support student learning (NBPTS 1,3,4)
  4. To explore possible applications of problem-based solving teaching models in the classroom (NBPTS 1,2,3,4)
  5. To explore research-proven methods of lesson plan development that leads to creative and independent learning in the classroom (NBTS 1,2,3,4)
  6. To synthesize best practice in creative and curious relevant teaching research and classroom applications (NBPTS 2,3,4)


By Maureen Szostak
Reviewed 2 years ago
This class reintroduced me to the ideas of creativity and curiosity, and being aware of cultivating them in my classes every day. We tend to forgot about curiosity and assume it's happening. When it's encourage and supported, it's a stronger learning environment....and kids are more engaged!

By Dana Ryan
Reviewed 2 months ago
My instructor Paul Wright is one of the best instructors I have worked with. His feedback was given in a timely manner, and he provided additional resources based upon work completed. I would highly recommend any class offered by him.

By Jessica Lee
Reviewed 2 years ago
I appreciate that you offer online self-paced classes. It works really well with my schedule.

By Steven Swanson
Reviewed 10 months ago
I greatly enjoyed the course. Professor Novak is an excellent moderator and facilitates in a manner that helps students get the most out of the curriculum.

By Kelli Levy
Reviewed 6 months ago
I have taken a few classes with Paul Wright and he has been amazing. He gives great, timely feedback and always provides resources to enhance learning as well as strategies to use immediately in the classroom.

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