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Culturally Responsive Practices - #SPC22320

Non-Credit Course
15 Clock Hours

Course Description

Participants in this course will examine methodologies to facilitate the development of a culturally relevant classroom centered around research of Gloria Ladson-Billings, Geneva Gay, Django Paris, and H. Samy Alim, among others. Participants will define what is a culturally relevant/responsive classroom. Participants will define what is a culturally relevant/responsive classroom. An exploration on five ways to create a culturally relevant lesson as well as review a variety of culturally responsive frameworks of instruction. Teacher leaders' and administrators will learn how to engage culturally relevant teaching strategies and discuss challenges with staff to foster a more culturally relevant/responsive classroom/school community. 

Participants will explore practices that effectively educate parents on the culturally relevant/responsive classroom. Administrators will gain expertise on developing a letter home or presentation that effectively educates parents on the classroom/school community goals as well as how to effectively keep communication open throughout the year while continuing to develop the culturally responsive classroom/school community. Participants will explore organizations that educate and provide resources for teachers/administrators who are developing a culturally relevant classroom. Key areas of concerns from the participants particular school community will be reflected on and resources will be reviewed to enhance their culturally responsive teaching and leading. 

Global Goals of the Course

The following global goals of the course exist to deepen and/or apply the content and skills of teachers’ existing professional knowledge:

  1. To examine current research in the area of best practice in the culturally relevant classroom frameworks (National Board of Professional Teaching Standards-NBPTS 3,4)
  2. To develop an understanding of the need for effective culturally relevant teaching strategies to engage all learners in today’s classroom, both in traditional or virtual classrooms (NBPTS 1,3,4)
  3. To analyze current culturally relevant classroom instructional practices in order to create engaged practices to better support student learning (NBPTS 1,3,4)
  4. To explore possible applications of culturally relevant frameworks for students with special needs (NBPTS 1,2,3,4)
  5. To explore research-proven frameworks and lesson planning that foster culturally responsive classroom experiences (NBPTS 1,2,3,4)
  6. To collaborate and lead other educational professionals to improve student learning through the use of culturally relevant teaching models (NBPTS 5)

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