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EMBRACE DIVERSITY! Bundle - 5 Courses/15 Credits - #SPC50002

Graduate-Level Credit
3 Semester Credits per course/15 Semester Credits total 

Add the five preselected self-paced graduate credit courses to your cart and use code: BUNDLE5 at checkout or call TCL to enroll at 888-550-5465.

This bundle will provide 15 graduate credits upon completion of all five courses.  You have 60 days to begin your first class; each subsequent course should be started within 30 days of completing the previous course. 

You may pick your chosen university during enrollment; course instructors vary by course. Bundles apply to online self-paced classes only.

  • Choose 5 courses
  • Save $90 per course when purchasing a bundle
  • Finish each course in 12 weeks or less


ADHD: Teaching and Learning Strategies

Autism Mindsets for Educators

Differentiated Assessments: Alternative Ways to Assess All Students in Your Classroom

Embracing the Multicultural Classroom: Creating an Inclusive and Equitable Environment for All Students

The Differentiated Classroom: Creating Pathways for All Learners to Succeed

Bundle Pricing for 5 Courses:

  • Adams State University - $2375
  • Andrews University - $2150
  • Central Michigan University - $2175
  • Dominican University - $2225
  • Pacific Lutheran University - $2150

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Use code: BUNDLE5 at checkout or call TCL to enroll at 888-550-5456

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