Certificate Renewal for Delaware Teachers


Certificate Renewal for Delaware Teachers

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Professional Development

Options for renewal include:

• Action research - Verified Clock Hours completing Action Research or other Educational Project. Maximum of 30 Clock Hours.
• Certification - Verified Clock Hours involved in recertification activities.
• College credit - Clock Hours may be accrued where 1 semester hour equals 15 hours and 1 quarter semester hour or Continuing Education Unit (CEU) equals 10 hours.
• Curriculum Development - Verified Clock Hours of service. Minimum of 3 Clock Hours. Maximum of 30 Clock Hours over the course of 5 years.
• Mentoring - Verified Clock Hours of completed Micro-credentials. Maximum of 30 Clock Hours over the course of 5 years.

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Initial License


Valid for four years
May not be renewed

Upgrade to Continuing:

• Submit a complete application on the Department approved application form to the Department
• Submit verification from the school district, charter school, or other employing authority of satisfactory DPAS annual summative evaluations for the period of initial licensure

Continuing License


Five years


• The Department may renew a current Continuing License for an additional five years for a qualified educator who has fulfilled the 90 clock hour requirement for professional development and all other applicable requirements. At least one-half of the required clock hours (45 every 5 years) for educators shall be earned by activities relating to the educator's work with students or staff.

Upgrade to Advanced:

• In accordance with 14 Del.C. §1213 Tier Three - Advanced Licensure, the Department, upon application and receipt of the list of successful candidates provided annually by the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS), will issue an Advanced License to any educator who receives National Board for Professional Teaching Standards certification.

Advanced License


Five years


To renew an Advanced License an educator must:
• Complete the National Board’s Renewal Process.
• Submit a copy of the new National Board Certificate or letter to:
the human resources office, if employed by a Delaware public/charter school.
the Department, if not employed by a Delaware public/charter school.

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