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Deborah has her Master’s Degree from National Louis University in Curriculum Development. She taught courses for Pearson and The Connecting Link until she moved out of state a few years ago. Deb is now back in Illinois, teaching once again for The Connecting Link. She is currently a substitute teacher in Huntley, IL, teaching in all disciplines.

Deb was an Adapted Physical Education teacher for 20 years, K– 2 grades, all disabilities. Her job was to include children with disabilities in the regular Physical Education and Health classrooms. She traveled to 26 schools a week and would work with Physical Education teachers, OTs, PTs, nurses, principals, aides, and, most of all, children of all abilities to make it all come together. She conducted training for school districts and wrote a book on How to Include a Child of Disabilities into a Regular Physical Education

Previously, Deb also worked with Special Olympics in Arizona and wrote the first Unified Sports Curriculum, which is now used in High Schools and Middle Schools across the nation. It can be modified to meet each school's needs and the Common Core Standards. She is also writing a second book that can be used in every school district, park district, and Special Olympics Unified Sports event.

Deb’s goal is always to assist teachers in providing an overall curriculum in all areas within a school.

This course provides participants with a deep understanding of the value and benefits involved with incorporating a comprehensive approach to school health and wellness. With an emphasis on physical health, physical activity, nutrition, mental health, and social/emotional learning, this course is designed to help educators implement wellness practices and policies to make schools healthier places where both students and staff thrive. Participants in this course will also focus on the value of partnerships with fellow educators, school leaders, families/caregivers, and community leaders to provide consistent messaging and meaningful learning experiences intended to build a foundation for lifelong health and wellness.
Course #: GMS23508
Dates: 06/05/23 - 07/02/23

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