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Eva Frey

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Throughout her tenure in education, Dr. Frey has enjoyed teaching and serving as an administrator in K-16 settings. She has a depth of experience in educational leadership, successful grant writing and educational policy development and implementation. Dr. Frey is a national and regional presenter on student development; program design and assessment; and, leadership in higher education.

Her areas of professional interest are: support and persistence of first-generation college students; leadership and social justice; and, multicultural education. Her active scholarship is the impact of positive psychology on pedagogical design and the vocational development of a college student. She has been recognized regionally for her support and advocacy of LGBTQ issues, and her work in student affairs.

Dr. Frey holds a Doctorate in Education from Seattle University; a Master of Education in Multicultural Education from the University of Washington; and a Bachelor of Arts in Education from Pacific Lutheran University. Dr. Frey's passion is being a leader/educator and working in partnership with others to become their best selves. 

This course is designed to help educators build a classroom structure where all students feel empowered and included in the classroom environment. Through the use of videos, readings, personal reflection, and online forum questions, participants will experience the multicultural classroom, as well as learn methods to implement strategies in their own classroom. Participants will learn to shape and maintain learning conditions that facilitate a multicultural perspective during instruction, including how to identify and promote diversity, multicultural learning styles, create culturally aware lesson plans and activities, using social emotional learning strategies to impact classroom management, and strategies/ideas to educate parents on the multicultural classroom. Participants will leave the course with resources and strategies to reach students in a variety of cultures and educate them on the importance of understanding a multicultural classroom and the benefits of being multiculturally competent.
Course #: GMW22509
Dates: 03/21/22 - 04/19/22

Equity & Diversity Positive Classroom Management


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