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Kirstin Bacon

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Kirstin is currently a teacher and Instructional Coach at Lyons Township High School in LaGrange/Western Springs. She has been in the district for five years where she has played various roles. Kirstin currently teaches sophomores, but she has taught freshmen in the past. She has taught all levels of English at some point in her eighteen year teaching career.  

As an Instructional Coach Kirstin has the opportunity to help plan Professional Development for her district as well as directly work with 10-12 teachers one-on-one every year. The focus of the Instructional Coaching program is to create more student-centered classrooms through the use of standards and skills-based instruction while incorporating the formative practices. Kirstin has worked with her small team of coaches to bring the goals of the district to fruition in a range of classrooms. She has worked with teachers in some capacity from almost every department.  

As well as working at Lyons Township and The Connecting Link, Kirstin is a mother of two young girls. She lives in the city and is a product of the Chicago Public School System. Her daughters attend CPS schools, and Kirstin is committed to raising her children in the city. She also has two dogs, and she would have five more if her husband agreed. He doesn’t.