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Lori Truter

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Lori Truter is a school counselor and educator from the state of Illinois. She has over 20 years of teaching and counseling experience with students from pre-kindergarten to post-graduate in a variety of settings. Her passion is helping people “see the best and be the best” version of themselves. Mrs.Truter has taught for TCL for over 17 years and holds a master’s degree in School Counseling, a certificate in Educational Leadership and Elementary Education and a bachelor’s degree in Psychology.

Participants in this course will examine foundational elements that make up student anxiety. Participants will learn about the signs and symptoms of anxiety in students at various grade levels, maturities, and cultures. Anxiety-reducing strategies and frameworks will be centered around the research of Edmund J. Bourne, Ph.D., and Tom Thelen (founder of Resetschools.org). Participants will explore research studies on the causes of anxiety, learn how it impacts students’ learning and classroom interactions, and how teaching style and classroom structures can increase or decrease anxiety. This knowledge will aid in applying strategies and practices/frameworks to identify, minimize, and address a variety of anxiety factors and disorders. Additional topics include effective lesson planning to combat anxiety, explore online/digital resources to support classroom needs, including students with special needs, and connecting parents/homes to strengthening the support system to reduce anxiety. The course will conclude with participants developing an implementation plan or presentation to demonstrate knowledge and application of how anxiety impacts their classroom so they can improve student wellbeing and performance. Throughout the course, participants will engage in interactive dialogue through a variety of mediums to receive valuable feedback to reflect on from their instructor. All formative and summative projects are reviewed and graded, and feedback from the instructor will be provided allowing the participant to enhance their portfolio of educational tools/resources to impact their classroom or school community.
Course #: IMW24021
Dates: 01/22/24 - 02/18/24

Equity & Diversity Social & Emotional Learning Positive Classroom Management



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