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Shelly Fisher

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“Teaching is the act of sharing the knowledge we have been given by others with hope that someday, by some way, it will again be passed on.” 

Shelly Fisher’s passion for teaching is never-ending. She presently has unlimited energy teaching 2nd graders, but also plays a huge role in her school building as a leader of the Positive Behavior Intervention System team and as a designee for her principal. Shelly holds her teaching degree in Elementary Education with an endorsement in Mathematics and a master’s degree in Educational Administration. 

Mrs. Fisher continually challenges herself and seeks ways to improve teacher effectiveness by meeting the needs of the ever-changing world of education, holding high accountability for the students in her K-5 building who range from ESL learners, Gifted Learners, children with Autism, children with learning disabilities, speech impaired children, to children with social and emotional issues. 

She also provides leadership to colleagues, student teachers, teacher’s assistants and teachers who explore her classes through The Connecting Link. She has been a TCL instructor since 1991 and continues to provide classes that are exciting, motivating and useful for teachers who are always trying to be the key factor in their students’ lives and success. Experienced with many different TCL classes, Shelly strives to keep them current and is always excited to hear when her students apply knowledge gained from her classes in their educational setting. She focuses on giving time for teachers and educational staff to share, compare, contrast and dig deeper into educational experiences and strategies.

This course is designed to help educators build a classroom structure where all students feel empowered and included in the classroom environment. Through the use of videos, readings, personal reflection, and online forum questions, participants will experience the multicultural classroom, as well as learn methods to implement strategies in their own classroom. Participants will learn to shape and maintain learning conditions that facilitate a multicultural perspective during instruction, including how to identify and promote diversity, multicultural learning styles, create culturally aware lesson plans and activities, using social emotional learning strategies to impact classroom management, and strategies/ideas to educate parents on the multicultural classroom. Participants will leave the course with resources and strategies to reach students in a variety of cultures and educate them on the importance of understanding a multicultural classroom and the benefits of being multiculturally competent.
Course #: IMF21511
Dates: 11/01/21 - 12/05/21

Equity & Diversity Positive Classroom Management



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