Certificate Renewal for Louisiana Teachers


Certificate Renewal for Louisiana Teachers

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A Louisiana teaching certificate is "lapsed" if an individual has a period of five consecutive calendar years in which he/she is not serving as teacher of record for at least one semester, or 90 consecutive days. If such a period of disuse occurs, the certificate has lapsed.

To renew a lapsed certificate you must provide evidence that you have earned six semester hours of coursework earned at a regionally accredited college or university and apply by having the Louisiana employing school system submit a completed Certification Update Packet along with official transcripts & appropriate certification fee.

• Teachers with multiple certification areas may complete coursework specific to any of their Certification areas.
• Coursework must be reflected on an official transcript from a regionally accredited institution.
• Coursework must be gained within the five-year period immediately preceding reinstatement of the certificate.
• Coursework cannot be a repeat of prior coursework shown on a transcript, unless the student failed or earned a “ D” in the course.
• All final approval of coursework is made the Division of Certification, Preparation, & Recruitment.
• A lapsed certificate may be reactivated for a period of one year during which time the holder of the certificate is required to complete six semester credit hours of coursework. Approved Courses to Reinstate Lapsed Certificates

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[content updated July 2021]