TCL Referral Program


TCL Referral Program

Thank you for helping us grow!




Receive a $25 Amazon gift for each new participant you refer as a "Thank you" bonus!

  • They must be a new TCL customer. 

  • Enroll and complete a 45-hour course.

  • The participant must provide your name as the referrer in the student portal.

Only one gift card will be sent per new participant. Please add the gift card to your account so we know you received it, and we should continue sending them. 



  • Can I refer people if I haven’t taken courses? Yes, we send gift cards to anyone who promotes TCL. We’ll contact the referee for your email if we don’t have it.
  • What if I refer someone, but they list someone else? TCL will only send the gift card to the person listed by the participant, so remind them to provide your name. Only one card will be sent per new participant.
  • Can I check on the status of my referrals? We can’t provide details about our participants, but we will email you if your name has been provided.
  • Will I receive a gift card for each person I refer? Yes, you will receive a gift card for each new participant that meets the requirements and lists you as their referrer.
  • How will I receive the gift card? You will be emailed a gift card from You will also receive an email from TCL so that you know it’s from us.