Certificate Renewal for Virginia Teachers


Certificate Renewal for Virginia Teachers

Provisional license Professional license

TCL offers graduate level credit through regionally accredited universities and non-credit professional development courses

Provisional License


Three years



Advancement to Professional

An individual shall complete all requirements for licensure, including passing all licensure assessments, for a renewable license within the validity period of the Provisional License

Professional License


Five or ten years


Individuals who hold a five-year renewable license must complete 180 points for renewal, as well as the statutory requirements. Such individuals will then receive a ten-year renewable license, for which 270 professional development points will be required

License holders are required to document the accrual of points to renew their license. Points will be based upon activities that may be earned from the following eight options
• College credit
• 1 semester hour = 30 points
• Professional conference
• Curriculum development
• Publication of article
• Publication of book
• Mentorship/supervision
• Educational project
• Professional development activities

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[content updated July 2021]