Certificate Renewal for Wisconsin Teachers


Certificate Renewal for Wisconsin Teachers

provisional educator
lifetime educator
master educator

Professional Development

Under previous PI 34, DPI licenses required/allowed educators to renew using a verified Professional Development Plan (PDP). There are currently no license types that allow renewal with PDP. However, information about the PDP process is still available for historical and professional development purposes.

Provisional Educator License

A Provisional Educator License is a Tier II three-year renewable license that allows for the educator to work in the subject and grade level indicated on the license. For all purposes, this is considered a full license.

Lifetime Educator License

A Lifetime Educator License is a Tier III license that may be issued to educators who successfully completed at least six semesters of experience in Wisconsin in the license area of their Provisional Educator license and have completed all statutory requirements. The six semesters of successful experience must meet the following criteria:
• Experience completed in the license area (Teaching, Administration or Pupil Services) while holding either a Provisional, Initial Educator, Professional Educator or Master Educator license.
• Experience completed in the five years immediately preceding the July 1 start date of the Lifetime license.
• Experience must be providing direct services to students or providing administrative oversight in a prekindergarten through grade 12 setting in the license area of the Provisional license verified as successful experience by an educational entity in Wisconsin.

Note: Short-term substitute experience does not meet the experience requirement listed above.

Master Educator License

The Master Educator License is a Tier IV voluntary Lifetime license. In order to qualify for a Master Educator License, candidates must:
• Hold, or qualify to hold, Wisconsin educator license at Lifetime Educator level in the area (i.e. subject/level) that they are pursuing Master Educator License.
• Apply for and successfully complete a national board certification (NBPTS) or Wisconsin master educator assessment process (WMEAP).

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[content updated July 2021]