2020 Course Releases


2020 Course Releases

Our fresh and refreshed curriculum is getting great reviews. Learn something new and innovative for your classroom!

Formative, Interim, and Summative Assessments: Increase Engagement, Guide Instruction, Measure Learning

Enhance your knowledge of assessment and grading practices by reviewing formative, interim, and summative assessment types, as well as the grading practices within them (traditional vs. standards-based grading), assessment design, implementation strategies, and how to interpret data results to define mastery. Participants will leave the course knowing how to identify course goals for assessments, effectively construct a variety of assessments based on content, understand how assessment can increase learning, use a variety of assessment mediums, and provide measurable data to students, parents, and other educators that demonstrate growth in learning.


Creating a Balanced and Systematic Literacy Approach to Span K-12 Classroom

Examine current research as well as explore a variety of strategies that can be implemented in order to increase students’ reading ability in K-12 classrooms. Explore literacy as it pertains to fluency, vocabulary acquisition, and comprehension. Participants will reflect on their personal experiences, evaluate their current approach, and formulate a new literacy plan for implementation. Participants will leave the course with a year-long plan that includes a systematic approach to all areas of literacy.


Cultivating Curiosity and Creativity in the Classroom

Research suggests that increasing curiosity and creativity in a classroom can lead to a more student-centered classroom. Learn how developing a classroom culture of curiosity and creativity can foster engaged and effective learning. Foundational work in this course will include the research on developing creativity and curiosity strategies from simple to complex, lesson planning, and using project-based learning to enhance the classroom. Participants will synthesize these paradigms and leave the course with a better understanding of how to assess and develop creative and curious thought in their students, and foster the growth of curious learners to solve problems creatively.


Embracing the Multicultural Classroom: Creating an Inclusive and Equitable Environment for All Students

Build a classroom structure where all students feel empowered and included in the classroom environment. Participants will learn to shape and maintain learning conditions that facilitate a multicultural perspective during instruction, including how to identify and promote diversity, multicultural learning styles, create culturally aware lesson plans and activities, using social emotional learning strategies to impact classroom management, and strategies/ideas to educate parents on the multicultural classroom. Participants will leave the course with resources and strategies to reach students in a variety of cultures and educate them on the importance of understanding a multicultural classroom and the benefits of being multiculturally competent.


Trauma, Stress, and Anxiety in Schools: Finding Hope and Building Resilience

Poverty, suicide, abuse, divorce, and community violence are some of the many traumatic, yet common, life experiences and events students of today’s society face. In addition, factors including social media and high stakes testing have been linked to the increasing rates of stress and anxiety among youth. This insightful course provides practical applications on how to understand, connect with, and accommodate students and their families experiencing the adverse effects of trauma, stress, and anxiety. Participants will research the short and long-term outcomes associated with adverse childhood experiences (ACEs), learn how to incorporate effective trauma-informed practices, and build relationships with students and their families based on respect, trust, and empathy. Educators will also focus on their own well-being and discover ways to strengthen resilience and manage stress and anxiety associated with the soaring demands of the profession.