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Gifted Students: Meeting Academic, Emotional, and Social Needs - #SPC16116

Graduate-Level Credit / Non-Credit Hours
3 Semester Credits or 45 Clock Hours

Course Description
This course is designed to promote an awareness of intellectual giftedness, its description, and characteristics of gifted and talented students. Participants will examine characteristics of gifted students, myths and perceptions, as well as curriculum and best practices associated with gifted education. Participants will be provided multiple opportunities to engage in discussions and activities that refine and define strategies and practices focusing on meeting the comprehensive needs of gifted and talented students.

Global Goals of the Course
The global goals of this course include learning opportunities that will deepen an understanding of concepts, content, skills, and research-based theories and strategies commonly associated with gifted education.

Upon completion of the course, the learner will be able to:
1. Apply research-based information designed to define giftedness
2. Identify myths and perceptions relating to gifted and talented learners
3. Design teaching strategies that include higher-level thinking skills and project- based learning
4. Understand the importance of differentiated instruction as a means of meeting the learning needs of gifted and talented students
5. Identify the characteristics of gifted and talented students
6. Implement curriculum compacting
7. Understand how RtI relates to gifted and talented students
8. Align gifted education services within the general education classroom




By Jennifer Parkhurst
Reviewed 2 years ago
Steve does a great job creating meaningful learning activities that are engaging and I can take back to my practice.

By Edward Pavlu
Reviewed 2 years ago
I have now taken several classes with Paul Wright and I have continued to learn quite a bit. I enjoy working with him!

By Michelle Fischetti
Reviewed 9 months ago
Paul Wright is really helpful and efficient.

By Daniel Chenoweth
Reviewed 6 months ago
This my second course with Paul Wright. Both his classes were well organized with useful information, I will use in the classroom. He gives thoughtful feedback.

By Andrew Schroeder
Reviewed 5 months ago
I have throughly enjoy my instructors feedback and hope to take a couple more classes from him.

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