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Early Childhood Education: Curriculum in Early Childhood

Course Description
This course prepares participants for success in planning and teaching in the early childhood classroom for students from birth through 8 years. Emphasis is placed on appropriate content knowledge and teaching strategies that incorporate information related to child development, learning theories, and the use of assessment and standards in the early childhood years. Participants will explore various models of instruction as they develop lesson plans and activities that are appropriate for young children. 

Global Goals of the Course 
Upon completion of the course, the learner will be able to:
1. Analyze how theories, models, government programs, and standards affect curriculum.
2. Create a plan to establish reciprocal relationships with families and other educational constituents. 
3. Design developmentally appropriate learning environments and integrated learning experiences for children ages 0-8 years of age.
4. Evaluate different teaching techniques in relation to children's development and various forms of assessment with respect to their use for planning, documenting, communicating, and reflecting.
5. Design developmentally appropriate learning experiences in math, science, technology, physical education, creative arts, literacy, and social studies.

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