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Early Childhood Education: Health, Safety and Nutrition

Course Description
This course focuses on the physical and psychological safety, health, and nutritional needs of children from birth to age 8 and how to meet children’s needs in group settings. Topics include wellness of young children, standards, guidelines and national initiatives, children's nutritional needs, safe and healthy environments, preventing and responding to emergencies, child abuse and neglect, planning educational experiences, and partnering with families.

Global Goals of the Course 
Upon completion of the course, the learner will be able to:
1. Analyze current wellness issues in early childhood settings and the roles of health, safety, and nutrition standards and guidelines in teaching practices.
2. Design early childhood environments that meet health, safety, and nutritional needs of children.
3. Examine the quality of early childhood programs according to standards and with the application of different assessment and documentation tools.
4. Create effective educational experiences that help young children learn about their own health, safety, and nutrition.
5. Develop plans to partner with families and other educational constituents to promote children's wellness

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