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Strategies to Improve Schoolwide Health and Wellness

Graduate-Level Credit / Non-Credit Hours
3 Semester Credits or 45 Clock Hours

Course Description

This course provides participants with a deep understanding of the value and benefits involved with incorporating a comprehensive approach to school health and wellness. With an emphasis on physical health, physical activity, nutrition, mental health, and social/emotional learning, this course is designed to help educators implement wellness practices and policies to make schools healthier places where both students and staff thrive. Participants in this course will also focus on the value of partnerships with fellow educators, school leaders, families/caregivers, and community leaders to provide consistent messaging and meaningful learning experiences intended to build a foundation for lifelong health and wellness.

Global Goals of the Course

The following global goals of the course exist to deepen and/or apply the content and skills of teachers’ existing professional knowledge:

  1. Evaluate course-related research, literature, content, and strategies and formulate connections and applications to effective teacher practice.
  2. Develop meaningful learning and assessment experiences that foster an appreciation for lifelong health and wellness.
  3. Collaborate with colleagues and other school leaders to design an inclusive learning environment that incorporates a framework for addressing health concerns in schools, where both virtual and in-person classrooms are used.
  4. Develop partnerships with families/caregivers and community organizations to promote consistent messaging about healthy behaviors and available resources.
  5. Evaluate one’s own strengths and challenges associated with promoting and maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle.


By Jeff Finlayson
Reviewed 1 year ago
I loved the format of the class and can't wait to take more classes.

By Amir Fakhoury
Reviewed 1 year ago
Was a really good instructor who communicated well.

By Kimberly Peterson
Reviewed 1 year ago
I had taken 4 courses with Connecting Link, 2 were years ago in-person and 2 we self-paced. Last year I tried another program for one of their self-paced courses. I ended up dropping it and taking the loss. A little later I took my 5th course with Connecting Link. Your structure and design, plus great professors is the best fit for me.

By Kelly Maurisak
Reviewed 11 months ago
Instructor was very responsive and always gives a lot of feedback and support

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