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Working with Challenging Parents: How to Connect and Create a Team Approach

Graduate-Level Credit / Non-Credit Hours
3 Semester Credits, 5 Quarter Credits, or 45 Clock Hours

Course Description

Participants in this course will examine methodologies to facilitate the growth of a positive relationship with the most challenging of parents in a variety of school settings. 

Participants will focus on effective parent communication and engagement for K-12 education. Participants will explore methods to improve communication and collaboration that will focus on parent engagement and, in turn, will create a positive learning environment for every student. Emphasis is on exploring and learning ways to connect with parents and families. Participants will synthesize paradigms and leave the course with a better understanding of developing parent communication techniques leading towards sharing responsibility to help children learn and meet their educational goals.

Global Goals of the Course

  1. To examine current research in the area of best practice to develop positive relationships with parents (NBPTS 3,4)
  2. To develop an understanding of the need for effective communication strategies to create positive relationships with all parents in today’s varied types of classrooms (NBPTS 1,3,4)
  3. To analyze current communication and instructional practices in order to create engaged practices to better support student learning (NBPTS 1,3,4)
  4. To explore possible applications that can better keep parents informed of their child’s progress in the classroom (NBPTS 1,2,3,4)
  5. To explore research-proven methods of communication and instructional planning that leads to a more proactive relationship between students, parents, and teachers (NBTS 1,2,3,4)
  6. To synthesize best practice in relevant teaching research and classroom communication (NBPTS 2,3,4)

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Mar 08 – Apr 04, 2021

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